Borrowing money abroad?

There are many lenders in Sweden… and with immigration many with foreign origin or dual citizenship have become potential borrowers.

Of course, immigration can in the long run be a goldmine for Swedish mortgage companies. But what does it look like in other countries?

Borrowing money in Sweden


If you borrow money in Sweden, the lenders (even the private credit institutions) stand by law under the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. This results in a significantly more difficult money laundering, and more security today than the reputation lenders for sms loans received in the early 2000s when the checks were awkward and people were fooled.

In 2018, the Riksdag also decided on an interest rate ceiling and a demand for more neutral and fact-based marketing. The Swedish loan market has a fairly large per capita scope compared to other countries, but also has relatively high competition.

Lenders in the Nordic countries


In another Nordic, for example, called “Refinance Mortgage Online” at their credit institution or lender. To some extent, the loans in Sweden and the Nordic countries are more similar to each other than in other countries. Something that has an impact is Sweden’s high interest rate… Therefore, loans can be both cheaper and more expensive in other countries. The Norwegian krone is very much higher than in Sweden, which contributes to the fact that the loans will not actually be that much cheaper but on the contrary. In Denmark, private loans or fast loans are not very large, but they also have the smallest population due their radical immigration policy and reasonably when the country’s area is also smaller. It gets expensive compared to Sweden!

The Finns, on the other hand, have a large market for loans, and here the knowledge of internet marketing is not as wide. However, the lenders are significantly fewer and the commission for loan sites like this is worse. So Sweden is an excellent country to both start their operations in, and be granted loans in, not least private loans.

Lenders in the United States


In the United States things look different, for example, there are no specific age limits as in the Nordic countries. This is where the age of the authorities applies almost everywhere. Then the rules and legislation are different depending on which state just like much else.

If you want to get big on alternative loan forms in the US, you can make absurd money, but competition is also devastating unlike Sweden, just as in many other industries if you want to invest at a national level.

As a borrower, you can usually expect you to be a citizen of the country you intend to borrow in, which is not always easy to become, especially not right now in the US with Donald Trump in the lead.

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