Apply for Personal Credit at the Bank or Financial


Apply for personal credit at a time when unforeseen happens because it is very useful. One hour the unforeseen are good in others not so much. One day the person has a stable job, the financial life in the axes and all the programmed expenses, in the other, the car can break, the computer needs maintenance or even be changed, the son gets sick and so on. In cases like these it is not always possible to have a financial reserve and all budget planning falls apart. So, what to do? One possible solution is to apply for personal credit at the bank or financially, you can also borrow money instantly at one of the dozens of financial institution in the country.

If it is an unforeseen event that generates a small expense that can be covered with money that will still fall or will be deposited soon in the account, less badly, otherwise there is the possibility of using pre-approved personal credit in the bank that you have account for, it it falls directly into the account and is automatically debited every month, similar to overdraft.

For more extreme cases such as car repair or insurance deductible payment, costing for a health treatment or plastic surgery and even the exchange for a new car that is outside the limits of your budget, the citizen can apply for personal credit specific for the need, hire a conventional personal loan based on income or an auto financing in the bank.
In financials it is also possible to take out easy personal loan but with slightly higher interest rates. While banks charge an average 3.14% interest rate per month, the financials charge 7.24% per month, according to data from the magazine Exame. As each case is a case, to apply for personal credit and financing , the first step is to set the amount of money that will be borrowed and to make loan simulations at different banks.

Banco do Brasil (BB) makes available on its website a system of loan simulators for account holders and non-account holders. Do not forget to compare the interest charged by the bank to the so-called CET (Total Effective Cost), where the request has access to all costs of the operation.

At Banco Bradesco, there are several types of personal credit: Online Personal Credit, Bradesco Personal Credit, Vehicle Warranty Credit, Property Guarantee Credit, Payroll Loan and Linked Personal Loans, all for individuals, university students and retirees of the INSS . Bradesco also provides its customers with a call center, called “Credit Central”, which exclusively meets this type of request.


Five personal credit options

Five personal credit options


Caixa Econômica Federal (CAIXA) has five personal credit options, with pre and post-fixed interest, the payment term can be from 1 to 48 months, depending on the option chosen. There is still the possibility of repaying the debt at one time or in more installments.

Even if you are a bank customer for a long time, the customer applying for personal credit or online loan will always be subject to credit analysis in some cases. In addition, documents such as RG, CPF, current account statement, proof of income and residence may be required in the financial and especially if the credit contractor is not a client of the institution.

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