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WorkCapital – Fintechs, companies that are revolutionizing the financial sector by blending technology and banking services, are increasingly modernizing to provide the best solutions and experiences for their users. This is what makes WorkCapital, a startup that offers a safe and practical discount, and also at very competitive rates.

Many companies and establishments make sales on time. With the discount of securities (prepayment of receivables), you can now receive the money that would be paid only in the future, that is, you anticipate receiving the installments of a sale made in installment. This is a great alternative for companies that need to keep cash flow always positive and have good working capital.

Usually, the discount of bonds is made by companies that sell products at longer times than their employees pay as a company that sells with 60 days and has to pay its employees in 30 days, for example, but the modality can also help in moments of tightening. It is necessary, however, to be cautious, since anticipating receivables seems an easy way to get money, but it can not be used wildly.

WorkCapital does not charge for the title discount service, however, the operation has a cost. In order for you to anticipate receiving a value that is already yours, you will have to pay the fees determined by financial institutions, factoring companies or fintechs . The rate varies by some factors, however, startups such as “Work Capital” have much lower rates than banks and other financial institutions – at least 10% less than what is practiced in the market.

Small and medium-sized managers know that the biggest practical challenge of day-to-day is cash flow management. With a 100% customized and digital solution like WorkCapital, this task becomes easier. Fleeing from the bureaucracy and inefficiency of banks and traditional financial institutions is possible thanks to sites and online platforms for discounts of securities and receivables such as WorkCapital.

Integration with your ERP

WorkCapital is the first solution in the market for receivables that fully integrates with your company’s ERP. Thus, it is much easier to request the cash advance. Everything is done in a simple, fast, safe and transparent way, as every financial modality should be.


Monthly minimum discount

Monthly minimum discount

There is no minimum monthly amount that the company is required to deduct. It may request the anticipation of receipts and receivables at the time of its choice, without restrictions or minimum amounts.



The tool is completely free. The only fees charged are related to the anticipation of the receivables, but they are already discounted in the amount receivable.

Types of sales

Types of sales


Currently, it is possible to request the prepayment of sales receivables made with the invoice of the product, with payments via ticket and also to legal entities.


Advance ticket

Advance ticket

You can anticipate tickets that have already been sent to the customer, but generate a new document that will replace the old one.

Account Deposit

Account Deposit

Sales made with payment via deposit on account can also be anticipated, provided that you and your client agree that the payment of all prepaid installments is made via a ticket generated by WorkCapital.

Is it worth making anticipation of receivables?


Yes. This is a financial modality that is growing more and more in Brazil. Other alternatives like secured loans or financing are also valid, but lose out on advantages when compared to the discount of bonds.

Commercial loans and financing present a high bureaucracy for concession and, in addition, have generally high rates. Secured financing (of real estate or vehicles, for example) also usually “get more expensive” because of the risk of losing the property.

For all these reasons, discounting bonds is one of the simplest ways to get credit in a short time. This is not a loan, since you are just making a move on receiving money that is already yours, so it has much less risk and is easier to get.

How to deduct securities from WorkCapital?


Anticipating receivables in WorkCapital is a very simple task.

The first thing you need to do is create a free account by visiting this page. You must fill in the fields with access data (username, email and password) and also the corporate name of your company. All fields are required.

After that, wait for the confirmation and you can use the platform to cash your titles. Check out, in three simple steps and pictures, how the prepayment of receivables works on the WorkCapital platform.

  • In the WorkCapital portal, select the receivables that you want to anticipate and click “Next to discount”;


  • A screen will appear with a summary of your anticipation request. After confirming the values ​​and selecting the bank account to receive the money, confirm the request by clicking on “Discount receivables”;


  • A confirmation message will appear. Now just wait.


Now that you know how the discount on securities and receivables works, get to work!

Good luck!

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